Incorporation of company

Incorporation of company

Step-by-step formalities for formation of a new company

  1. Selection of the type of company
  2. Requirement for having DIN as per proviso to section 152(3) of the company act, 2013

Section 152(3) provides that every individual, intending to be appointed as director of a company shall make an application for allotment of DIN to the Central Government in prescribed Form DIR-3

  1. Requirement for providing a declaration by the director for disqualification
  2. Requirement for providing consent to act as director to act as director and its filling with the ROC
  3. Applying for reservation of the selected name E-FORM INC-1
  4. File FORM INC-7, within a period of sixty days from the date of intimation of reservation of name given by the Registrar.
  5. The memorandum and articles of the company duly signed by all the subscribers to the memorandum in such manner as prescribed under the companies(Incorporation) Rules, 2014
  6. A declaration in the prescribed Form INC.8
  7. An affidavit with the Form INC-7 by each of the Subscribes to the memorandum and by all the persons names as the first directors,
  8. The address for correspondence till its registered office is established
  9. The particulars of the persons mentioned in the articles as the first directors of the company in the prescribed form DIR-12.
  10. E-Form INC-22 for verification of the location of the registered office is to be filled electronically with the digital signatures along with the following documents.



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