Bakery shop

Make money with your yummy Bakery

In short we would like to suggest you to open your bakery shop where you can get orders for kitty bakery shop where you can get orders for kitty parties, birthday, Wedding anniversary, small get together etc. you should also for your bakery items, then only any one will get attracted towards your shop. you have to also look for varieties and other things to attract more customers and once you are done with all these things, you shop is ready to boom with profits.

Detailed Description

Yes bakery shop, if you can add a little bit more money to your investment then bakery shop is a good idea. You can put up your bakery shop in a well established society or in a well developed market. The demand will really shoot up in such areas for party, functions, birthdays, inaugurations and you can really earn a good profit in a small investment. It is important for entrepreneurs to evaluate their respective financial conditions before they set out to start the bakery. Their credit situation should be good enough before they approach the banks or other financial institutions for business loans.The business plan should include the following
Anticipated expenditure
Long term business goals
Probable income
Expansion plans for future
Marketing strategies
Plans for starting a retail store
List of products to be sold
Locations for sale.
It is always important to decide what will be the focus product of the bakery before it is started so that the arrangements could be made likewise.
Importance of Location
The bakery owners should not waste much time in buying or leasing, depending on their financial capabilities and requirements, a house that they find ideal for their purposes.They can also enlist the help of professionals such as commercial real estate brokers and lawyers to take care of the various procedures and legal concerns.
This is an important part of the bakery business and perhaps also the most difficult part as the payment needs to be done straightaway if the establishment that has been bought for opening the outlet does not have a ready made one.In case the owners are on a tight leash in terms of financial availability they can look at restaurants that are closing or auctioning off their equipment. The owners can also look up sites such as for second hand equipment that can be used in commercial establishments. They need to remember that proper kitchen equipment goes a long way in making the inspectors feel satisfied with the arrangements.
In order to make sure that people come to know about the bakery the owners need to come up with promotional materials or, better still, create a website to spread the word about the bakery. As soon as the necessary permits are obtained the owners can decide the company name and logo. The following can be used, aside from websites, to make people aware of the bakery
Business Cards
Feedback Forms
Web Presence

Investment required?

The initial investment in this business about 80 to 90 thousand

Time required ?

it will take maximum 1 month to start this business .

Workforce required ?

you can either start this business alone or you can hire 2,3 persons also as helping hands depending on the volume of the business.

Important information

you can easily earn upto 50 to 60 thousands monthly from this business and in the long run it if you put more efforts and you daily salls zooms up then you can easily expect an income of 80 to 90 thousands monthly.

location: Urban, Town, city, Metro cities

if you are going to open your shop then you will be needing some sort of shop registration and VAT registration number.

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